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Welcome to Where it all Begins: Introducing a Five Part Series About Tarot

You walk through a bead-curtain doorway as you’re taken to the back of a dimly lit storefront. In the candlelight, you make out a small chair in front of a single table decorated with dark linens, wood carved figurines, and crystals. The scent of burning sage fills your nostrils as a mysterious voice beckons you to have a seat. Feeling unsure, you explain you are here for your reading. The Oracle gazes upon the cards drawn one by one. You brace for a moment as you see The Hanged Man and the Oracle shakes their head ominously…

If this sounds like science fiction to you, it’s because it is. When one conjures a mental image of a tarot reader, we are often influenced by movies or other media that depict the stereotypical scarf-wearing, magical ball holding, future-predicting, mystic who makes big claims into understanding your life. While it is true that some practitioners embody this stereotype, most of us know that crystals and other gadgets aren't necessary, and the real expert about your life is YOU.

In this five part blog series, I aim to share my knowledge with other seekers (and selfishly satisfy the neurodivergent urge to info-dump). I’ll start with my appraisal of what tarot is (and isn’t), explore the rich history of tarot, how to use tarot ethically and therapeutically, interpretation and application of a tarot reading, some of my favorite card pulls to see in a reading, and more.

First, A Little About Me

From a very early age, I have been fascinated by the Universe beyond what meets the eye. Maybe my interest was fed by having an eccentric parent who took me to crystal shops, psychics, and medicine healers as a kid. Maybe it's because of my Nana, who normalized faeries and passed down Appalachian folk tales when I would spend the night. Could be because I'm an INFJ, an enneagram 5w4, a 12H Virgo Moon, or any other ego-driven philosophy that is supposed to mean something about me. It might just be all of those things, paired with my own experiences of consciousness, mysticism, and the supernatural that point to so much more...

As a teen and young adult, I was hungry for knowledge about political science, conspiracy, alternative history, and psychology. The controversial "Everything You Know is Wrong: The Disinformation Guide to Secrets and Lies" by Russ Kick gave me permission to be a free-thinker and to challenge what I thought I knew. I was officially hooked on physics and quantum mechanics when I read "The Universe in a Nutshell" by Stephen Hawking. Later, I went on to study religious traditions, philosophy, and sociology during my time in undergrad working toward my degree in psychology. I spent my free time interpreting dreams with help from Carl Jung, learning about plant medicine and indigenous traditions, and pushing my mind, body, and spirit through the murky waters of my own painful human existence.

Fast forward to today, I have spend almost a decade as a therapist with thousands of therapy sessions under my belt. I have been fortunate to witness first hand the magical and mysterious pattern of the Universe. I've felt the energetic imprint of pain, joy, loss, heartbreak, and transformation. My use of tarot is not prophetic, but rather for confirmation and validation of what I feel in the energy around me. I have come to love tarot as a trusty tool for introspection and growth.

And the Journey Begins

I’m eternally grateful for every reader whose path led to these ramblings on a screen. My hope is you will walk away a little more curious, informed, and connected. After all, you found me for a reason. I don't pretend to know everything, and I am definitely not special. I am a seeker, and I hope I never stop learning the lessons I'm here to learn.

I welcome and invite you to challenge me, leave a comment, message me, ignore me - whatever feels right. I know these posts will not resonate with everyone, and that's ok. It is important to remember that this is for fun and information only. I don't condone using tarot to diagnose or treat a mental health condition. I will never solicit anyone for a reading, and I will never sell readings or accept payment for a tarot reading. Ever.

And no, tarot will not be able to tell you who your future love interest is, sorry to disappoint (more on this in a future post).

Stay tuned for Part 1: Is Tarot Witchcraft? And Other Myths

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