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Reveal the Full Life You Deserve

Evidence-based therapy for children, teens and young adults in Florida with OCD, PTSD, Anxiety, and related challenges

In-person and Telehealth Services

"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become." - Carl Jung

You've spent way too long dealing with unwanted thoughts, compulsions, and discomfort. You feel stuck in a cycle of fear, avoidance, and mistrust of yourself and the world around you. You are ready to let someone in and not feel so alone.

You put everyone else first. You've done everything "right" but it doesn't feel like enough. You don't recognize who you are anymore and you're eager to find yourself again.

You're a badass. You've survived things others haven't. You were strong when you had to be, but it's time for life to finally feel easier.

Whether you're struggling to be the parent you always dreamed you'd be, want to leave distressing memories and feelings behind, or realize your patterns no longer serve you and something HAS to change - we welcome you on your path toward healing and self-discovery.

Together we will re-discover the compassionate, grounded, and whole you that feels buried under worry, stress, fear, and anger. We are ready to help you grow so you can leave your past behind.

Our Therapists

Our main goal is meeting you where you are at with the skillset that best aligns with your goals. You're not a one-size-fits all person and neither are we! Let's work together to see who would be the right fit for you Learn more about Katie and Kristy below.


Fringe Counseling Collective serves to assist individuals and families in Florida achieve growth, healing, and wellness. Our therapists are professionally trained in a variety of evidence-based treatments.


OCD & Anxiety

If you are living with OCD, you are familiar with the vicious cycle of intrusive thoughts, distress, and patterns of fear, avoidance and compulsions. OCD is often misdiagnosed or confused with GAD. In Generalized Anxiety Disorder, the constant worry and feeling on edge make life feel exhausting and out-of-control. You may find your relationships starting to suffer and even hobbies feel overwhelming.

Therapists at Fringe are knowledgeable and well-trained in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Exposure Therapy (ERP) to expertly guide you toward long-term recovery with skills for life.


Stress, Trauma & PTSD

Sometimes, memories are too painful to face because of trauma or chronic stress. The brain represses, or hides, them away in an attempt to escape discomfort. Eventually this pain starts showing up in the body in the form of anxiety, depression, fear, avoidance, or anger. Trauma therapy aims to confront and heal the parts of you that hide those feelings and memories away, so they no longer feel painful or make the world seem like a terrible place.

Therapists at Fringe are trained in TF-CBT, Written Exposure Treatment, Mindfulness based Interventions, and Somatic Therapy to help you move through toxic stress and trauma.


Families & Parenting

Every family is unique. Whether you're a single parent, have a loving partner, or your family is non-traditional, children do not come with instructions. Parenting is especially difficult when children or teens struggle with behavior or big feelings. You might feel hurt, confused, or disconnected from your family - especially when your own childhood wounds resurface as a parent. Therapy can help the whole family heal with better communication, understanding, and acceptance. Therapists at Fringe are trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), Play Therapy, and Supportive Parenting Interventions to help bring peace and healing to your family.


Celebrating Unique Differences 

At Fringe, our therapists are neurodivergent-affirming and/or identifying. We do not view neurodivergency as a flaw or illness that needs to be fixed. Instead, we work with you to develop functional skills, reduce shame, guilt, and embarrassment, and learn to live an authentic life mask-free.


Building a Brave Space

We intimately understand the unique stressors facing the beloved LGBTQIA+ community, including increased violence, stigma, and discrimination. At Fringe, we validate all clients' experiences and advocate for a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment, while walking the path with you as allies and members of the queer community. 

Spiritual Wellness

Grounded, Holistic Balance

Each provider at Fringe has a unique story of their own healing journey toward the integration of the body, mind, and spirit. You may have unique gifts and abilities you are coming into and need help understanding this on a deeper level. Or perhaps you are faced with existential confusion or fear of death and dying. We support those from any walk of faith or spiritual practice reconnect to their highest self.

Men's Issues

Overcoming shame

Research shows that men are significantly less likely to seek treatment for depression, trauma, and anger than women. After all, society sends a strong message about male gender roles that leave little space for men to safely express their true needs and sensitivities. We understand that men's needs are different, but equal, to women's. We skillfully help men come into their own natural power in a value-driven way. 

Areas of Passion and Focus

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We are located on the first floor in the Semoran Square office building, centrally located in Seminole County near Red Bug Lake Rd and Semoran Blvd. We are about 20-30 minutes from downtown Orlando and the UCF area.


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853 State Road 436

Suites 1051 & 1061

Casselberry, FL 32707


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You deserve to feel heard and understood. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation today. This is a great time to ask questions, learn more about what the therapeutic process is like, and gather as much information as you need to decide if we will be a good fit for your unique journey.

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